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Immigration Bail Bonds- Facts to Know

If by some chance you happen to have a friend or a loved one arrested and detained over immigration related issues, then you can get the immigration bonds to help you secure their release from detention until they appear at court. This said and done, it is as well important to know of the fact that these bonds are as well only available to some people based on some specific qualifications. Read on in this post and find out more on some of the things that you need to know of when it comes to immigration bonds and how to handle the immigration issues that you may be having in the least stressful way.

Immigration bonds Virginia, as well known as the ICE Form 1-352, are generally federal bonds or guarantees. For the undocumented individuals and Green Card holders who by some chance happen to be facing a charge in relation to their immigration statuses, they need to be aware of the fact that this is one of the bonds that they will require for them to be released from detention awaiting their case by the US Department of Homeland Security and Customs Enforcement.

Second fact you should know of about the immigration bonds Arizona is that they come of two kinds. Talking of the kinds of the immigration bonds, you will find them coming as the voluntary departure bonds and the delivery bonds. By and large, when it comes to the delivery bonds, these are essentially the kinds of immigration bonds that are offered to the illegal immigrants who have been detained by the ICE. In order for one to qualify for the delivery bonds, an immigrant must have basically have received an arrest warrant and notice of custody conditions. Generally, the delivery bonds basically serve to allow an immigrant leave jail and as such have their freedom to be with their families and all on the promise of them showing up for their immigration case hearings.

The price to be paid for the bond to be issued will be determined by the judge who will do this considering the seriousness of the case or crime. Upon payment of the bond, the charged will be released from detention, albeit temporarily, till their date at court. The one benefit of going for these immigration bonds is in the fact that with them, you will be able to enjoy your freedom and as such afford the time to meet with your attorneys and thus prepare as is due for the case before you. If you show up for the case on the due date, you will be refunded the bond amount paid and in the event that you fail, your bond will be forfeited. Know more information about bail bonds, go to

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